Franz Ludwig Kostelezky
I do have lots of passions.
Making clearly dumb photos.
You can have a look at my instagram: @fl.emk
Spending time in the mountains.
Once every year, I go hiking in the alps.
Doing sports, especially martial arts.
Don't mess with me :)
But most of all, I like doing electronics-stuff.
I did various projects in the subject of electronics an informatics. You can have a look at my blog: (which I update occasionally) or visit my github profile
My experience with previous employers
EBZ SysTec GmbH
Walter Kostelezky GmbH & Co KG
IMTEK, Professorship of simulation
Some of my cooperations I've had
SMV Spohn
Student-workshop at the technical faculty
Always happy to hear from you
Franz Ludwig Kostelezky